McGowan reveals fouling intention, abuse over father

McGowan reveals fouling intention, abuse over father


Dylan McGowan admits that he intended to foul Michael Theo in the lead up to Adelaide’s late winning goal against Brisbane on Sunday afternoon.

The Roar goalkeeper had collected a loose ball inside the 18-yard box when McGowan looked to block of his options to throw it back out to a teammate. Theo’s reaction – catching the defender with an elbow to the head – saw him sent off and United awarded a stoppage-time penalty which was converted by Sergio Cirio.

In the wake of the controversial ending to the contest, McGowan claims that he was looking to stop the possibility of the custodian starting a counter-attack, but did not take responsibility for the referee not deeming this as a foul.

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“I came out last night straight away and said I was trying to stop Theo from throwing the ball, because we’re down to 10 men,” he told reporters.

“At that point me and big Taylor Regan are completely up front and we’ve got young boys at the back – that we’ve been caught on the counter-attack way too many times this season.

“I made no hiding (of) the fact that I was trying to stop Theo throwing the ball and the referee’s obviously missed it or deemed it not a foul – but my whole sole intention was to foul him.

“Whether it should have been a Brisbane free-kick and a yellow for me and probably still a red for Theo…I don’t get paid to make those decisions.”

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The incident also sparked a heated exchange on the sidelines, with Adelaide native Ross Aloisi likely to be investigated by the FFA for an alleged assault of Reds assistant coach Jacobo Ramallo.

“I was still out on the pitch so all (I’ve) seen was the pictures that are circulating on social media of one of our assistant coaches on the ground,” said McGowan.

“Were trying to market the game here in Australia…all these sort of incidents bring negative light to the game which is unfortunate.

“I don’t know who was involved and who was there, but I’m sure the FFA are looking into it and it should become clearer in the next few days.

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The 25-year-old says he and his brother Ryan have had to deal with scrutiny following his father’s arrest and ultimate conviction for murder in Scotland, however, he remains focused on finishing the 2016-17 season on a high note in Adelaide.

“It’s been a big year, especially off the field it’s difficult,” he added.

“We sort of pay the price – myself and my brother – a little bit in terms of the media and opposition fans.

“I’m big enough to cop that on my shoulders, it’s probably something I shouldn’t have too…but I will because that’s the way of the world at the moment and people see fit that they want to discuss these sort of things with you, or shout out abuse at you.

“I’m here playing for Adelaide, I love my job, I wouldn’t change it for the world.”