Brisbane Roar director: John Aloisi will be part of “stronger” offseason operation

Brisbane Roar director: John Aloisi will be part of “stronger” offseason operation


Brisbane Roar’s managing director is anticipating this winter will be a far happier one for the once-embattled club.

The 2016 offseason was a challenging one for the Roar, who were bogged down by personnel changes behind the scenes and issues at ownership level.

The club’s membership drive was delayed until the brink of the 2016-17 season’s commencement, and that is just one area that has improved according to Mark Kingsman, who spoke to the Brisbane Football Review after addressing the RSF fan forum.

And in a huge boost, Roar fans can expect coach John Aloisi to remain at the helm having agreed a new deal. Kingsman confirmed the news will soon be made official; only legalities are left to be worked through.

“I know as an organisation within our operation that we control here, we’re working very very hard for that (a smoother offseason) to happen,” he said.

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“We are in constant communication with the owners about what the requirements are moving forward.

“They are seeming to understand the importance of what we’re asking for and they promise that that will happen.

“I feel reasonably confident that we will go through the season and the offseason in a stronger manner than we have done in previous years.

“Are memberships are ready to go on sale now as opposed to dropping them at the last minute last year.

“We’re ready and we’re far more prepared. I think we’re in a lot stronger a position than we were 12 months ago.”

John and brother Ross had been linked to hometown club Adelaide United. The managerial post will become vacant if Guillermo Amor opts not to renew his deal.

Kingsman added that contract discussions with veteran Thomas Broich will begin at the end of the season. The German has signalled his intent to carry on playing in Brisbane.