Strebe Delovski: Round 26 will have all eyes on Australia

Strebe Delovski: Round 26 will have all eyes on Australia


Former A-League referee Strebre Delovski says the microscope will be on Australia when Video Assistant Referee (VARs) technology is rolled out in Round 26.

The A-League will be the first league in the world to test the technology in a match with points at stake. The same system was trialled at the Club World Cup at the tail end of last year, used for the first time ever in Kashima Antlers’ clash against Atletico Nacional.

But VARs has never been used in a league setting but will be utilised for the first time when Melbourne City host Adelaide United 7 April.

Speaking exclusively on Friday’s Daily Football Show, Delovski sought to explain the VARs concept.

“The video referee stuff is going live in Round 26, so the first match will be Melbourne City vs Adelaide,” Delovski said.

“The video referee will only get involved in four areas, that’s goals, red cards, penalties and mistaken identities.

“The referee has the final decision, the man upstairs – I’m a part of that now, I’m one of the video assistant referees – the video assistant referee will look at every incident.

“So in these four areas, the video assistant referee will look at it with the same camera angles as Fox Sports and hawk-eyes the technology.

“For the video referee to get involved, the decision has to be clearly wrong.

“The general punter or the non-football fan has to look at an incident and say ‘oh the referee got that wrong’.

“That’s the effect that it has to have. If there’s any grey area, the video assistant referee should not get involved.”

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