Underdogs Liverpool should go to Old Trafford with no fear

Underdogs Liverpool should go to Old Trafford with no fear


A meeting between Manchester United and Liverpool is one of the biggest fixtures in world sport for so many reasons.

Every football fan has that one game a season knowing that if their team loses, they will feel sick to the stomach. This is that fixture for United and Liverpool fans.

With both clubs enjoying plenty of success in their decorated existences, the rivalry becomes more bitter as each season goes on. It becomes ingrained into you to resent the opposition growing up whether you support United or Liverpool. Despite the tension between the clubs, it very much is a compliment one way or another.

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In recent years, United have had the better of Liverpool. The Reds have come out with a victory against their arch rivals on the odd occasion, but it has been the Red Devils who tend to come out the happier of the two sides, especially at Old Trafford.

Despite the results in the more modern times, Liverpool are on the way up under Jurgen Klopp which makes them a real threat now against United, more so than recent years.

With that being the case, Liverpool should be confident travelling to Old Trafford this Sunday for what could be a season-defining clash for both sides.

Jose Mourinho’s side have found their rhythm which has seen them win their last six Premier League matches. Clearly they have found some form and are not a side to be taken lightly, but should the Reds be in fear? Absolutely not.

Despite Liverpool’s shaky start to 2017, their record this season in the big games is outstanding. Wins against Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City further back that up.

Liverpool seem to roll into the big games with the correct mentality, which will be a massive confidence booster. They will need to play with that energy and passion against United like they tend to against the other big teams. If they do, then they have a great chance of succeeding.

Despite all this, the Reds should still be cautious. They ultimately will have to be at their best to beat Mourinho’s United, but they have the quality to do so and they have proven to themselves they can beat anyone on any given day. They know within they have the squad to leave Manchester with three points.

It is a crucial fixture in the scheme of things. Neither side will want to drop points with Chelsea playing the way they are. It is also important to factor in there is a possibility a Champions League place could be missed due to how tight it is at the top.

Arguably, it is the biggest Premier League fixture these two have been involved in for a number of years. It would not just be the points dropped that becomes an issue, but also the psychological damage it could do to either side.

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In terms of a result, it is very difficult to call. It is one of those matches that really could go either way. Both sides have immense quality in their squad which will just add to the drama of this critical Premier League fixture.

It could come down to the battle of the managers. Tactics will be crucial and whoever out of Mourinho and Klopp sets up correctly may come away with the three points.

It will be a nervous 90 minutes for both camps come Sunday.

United will be the favourites, but that will suit Liverpool just fine. The underdog tag is one the Reds have thrived under and they will be looking to continue that trend against Mourinho’s United.

Confidence is key for either side. United will believe this could be the real turning point in their season to go on and cause a headache or two for Chelsea, and Liverpool will believe this could galvanise them to go on and win that illustrious Premier League trophy.

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