Joel Matip: Being a defender for Liverpool is “difficult”

Joel Matip: Being a defender for Liverpool is “difficult”


Joel Matip says being a defender for Liverpool can be “difficult” due to the side’s attacking nature.

The Reds have the greatest goalscoring record in the Premier League this season with 69 but have allowed 40 against, the second-worst of any of the top six.

And the Cameroon international says there must be a greater focus defensively in the final five league games as the Reds chase a place in next season’s Champions League.

“We know that we have to improve our defence,” he told Sport Bild

“But it’s also the style of play which makes it difficult in England.

“It’s up and down all the time, and the tactical systems sometimes go to pieces. You are vulnerable, and you especially see that with teams like us who are strong going forward.

“But thank God we also score the most goals.”

Having made the move to England from Germany at the beginning of the season, Matip admits he took time to adjust to the league’s physicality.

“It might sound like a cliche, but it’s just more physical in Premier League, especially those teams from the bottom third where real ‘bulls’ are flying into the box. It’s a different kind of rigorousness,” Matip added.

“I have the impression some teams design their match around it. And it’s a real fight in the box because of it.

“It’s different with the top teams where the key aspect is footballing skills.”