Former FFA board member: Nobody is being held accountable

Former FFA board member: Nobody is being held accountable


Former Football Federation Australia (FFA) board member Jack Reilly has slammed the governing body, declaring there is no accountability at the top.

Reilly served as a board member at FFA between 2007 and 2013 as well as on the FIFA committee.

Before stepping into the boardroom, Reilly represented Australia 35 times as a goalkeeper, including at the 1974 World CUp.

Speaking exclusively on Friday’s Daily Football Show, Reilly warned Australian football was not taking necessary steps to plan its future and seek relevant answers.

“Don’t forget, the FFA has set the agenda. What has been wrong is that they haven’t monitored the outcome of that agenda in a meaningful way,” he said.

“Three CEOs later, we’re still struggling because one, and this is a personal opinion, nobody is being held totally accountable.

“Nobody is being asked to come up with the answers going forward if something looks as though it’s gone wrong.

“In a football game, there is always going to be a losing side. At an administration level, we can’t afford that.

“We have got to be planning for the future in the best possible way within our means.

“We’re not doing that.”

Reilly added that based on his experiences with FFA and former chairman Frank Lowy, attitudes consistently invoked things would need to be done his way, or not done at all.

“A big thing in our game, people get hurt very easily,” he added.

“I’ll never forget Frank Lowy saying about me, ‘he did nothing for six years’.

“That was in response to me saying, in my estimation, it was his way or no way as far as FFA was concerned.”

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